The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

The Tide Turners Young Leaders Plastic Challenge is designed to educate youth across the world to understand the impact of plastic pollution and motivate them to reduce their plastic consumption, along with encouraging others.

The youth of today, which is going to form the society of tomorrow, is aware of the environmental impacts of our modern lifestyles and wants to make a difference. This challenge will provide them the impetus they need and the support to start a movement. Only if we empower the young generation through knowledge and skills, can we aspire to create a vibrant and sustainable future for our planet and humanity.

Objectives of the Challenge:

  1. Understand how plastic pollution is threatening life in oceans, other water bodies and on lands.

  2. Reduce your personal consumption of single-use or disposable plastics.

  3. Inspire friends, family, school, college or community to reduce consumption of single-use plastics.

  4. Become a Youth Leader by creating lasting change on a wider scale in your sphere of influence.

The challenge involves completing three levels. The Entry Level builds knowledge about concerns on plastic pollution around the planet. The leader Level supports our participants into acting and steering them towards advocacy within local neighborhood. The Champion Level enables them to become community heroes by engaging with local municipalities and regulatory bodies for taking constructive action against plastic pollution.

The Challenge Levels:

The challenge comprises three levels – Entry, Leader and Champion – with a scoring system. Scoring enough points at each level entitles the participant to move to the next level of the challenge.

Entry level: The Entry Level will test the participant’s awareness and knowledge about plastic pollution. This will include a mind-bobbling and super exciting quiz making the participant think about the subject and becoming Plastic Gurus.

Leader level: The Leader Level will give a platform to our participants to highlight their creative skills. Participants will conduct community-level awareness sessions to sensitize people and create awareness within their neighborhood / locality via awareness rallies, street plays, Public Talks etc. Spread the word via innovative slogans and poster (digital and physical), voicing for plastic pollution and taking effective steps for proper plastic waste disposal.

Champion level: Champion Level will leverage the learnings and actions of the participants to greater impact. Participants will identify plastic and waste disposal problems in their nearest ecological / biodiversity landmarks (lakes / ponds / beaches). They will connect with local municipalities and organize clean-up drives, engaging their communities to sustain the environment, making it healthier and safer for all.