The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

Tide Turner Plastic Challenge is a global youth movement led by 35+ countries to combat plastic pollution. The challenge encourages the youth to reflect upon their plastic consumption, inspires them to find solutions to reduce this consumption, and finally mobilizes them to lead change in their homes, schools, colleges, workplaces and the community.

TTPC over the years – gaining momentum

TTPC has evolved and innovated as new opportunities for partnerships came and new challenges that required creative responses. Initially planned as an in-person challenge, it became digital when COVID restricted movement, and now has both the digital and in-person components which make it reach a large number of youth. TTPC has evolved to take on board a variety of partners from the government, corporate sector, other UN programs, NGOs and other networks. TTPC is working with Eco-clubs, informal youth groups, the National Cadet Corps, and the Scouts and Guides to reach out to more and more youth. The TTPC Champions are today truly the flagbearers of youth leadership to deal with plastics in the environment. Phase V after the successful culmination of 4 phases is taking awareness and action on SUPs to lasting change and impact in terms of systems to ensure reducing, and recycling of plastics. It is exploring livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities that can emerge for youth, in this sector, in rural and urban areas. Phase V is also reaching out to young people with special needs, young women and communities residing in fragile ecosystems such as fishers in coastal areas. This phase looks forward to innovative and creative stories from the work youth are doing on the ground with the variety of opportunities that they have.

Objectives of the Challenge:

  1. You gain Knowledge on SUPs and alternatives: You will learn about the negative impacts of plastic pollution on nature and mankind, and feel inspired to change your plastic use and encourage others around you. When we know better, we do better!

  2. You will get a chance at honing your Leadership skills: Plastic pollution is a man-made problem, and we all must do our part to solve it. This is your chance to be a champion in your community and lead change!

  3. Your Efforts get Recognition: This planet is our home, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and clean. In India, each individual consumes close to 11 kgs of plastic annually. Therefore, every individual action matters! You get a certificate on successful completion of all three levels of the challenge. And innovative initiatives stand a chance to be showcased at the national summit organized as a culmination ceremony of the Tide Turner Plastic Challenge.

The Challenge Levels:

The challenge activities take the participants through a learning journey consisting of three levels- Entry, Leader and Champion

Entry level: Learn about the Big Problem!

Leader level: Take your learnings to the community, influence & Educate Others!

Champion level: Collaborate and create an Impact!

Learn more about the SUPs and the challenge activities here