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1Who can register for this challenge?

Anyone and everyone who has a desire to make a difference can join this challenge. There is no limit on age or need for any qualifications except a commitment to say no to plastics! Teachers and students from schools and colleges alike are welcome to participate.

2What is the registration period and when does the challenge begin?

Registration closes on February 27, 2021 and the challenge ends on March 30th, 2021.

3Who is organizing this challenge?

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge has been conceptualized and designed by the United Nations Environment Programme. In India, it is being implemented in partnership with WWF-India, Centre for Environment Education, and Million Sparks Foundation.

4Where all is this challenge being organised?

This is a challenge being organised in india on a pilot scale. It is designed to be scaled up across the world.

5Does each person need to register individually?

Yes, this challenge must be taken at an individual level. There are group activities involved, but to participate, you must register as an individual. There is no restriction on the number of individual registration from a school/college.

You can also participate as a school/college. Please contact your network partner for the same.

6Is there a registration fee involved?

No, there is no registration fee. This is a free challenge designed to encourage as many young individuals as possible.

7Can I quit at any level of the challenge?

There is no compulsion to complete every level of the challenge. Even completing level one and reducing your own plastic consumption has an impact. However, we encourage you to go through the entire challenge to ensure you are making maximum impact to fight plastic pollution.

8What is the minimum score required for moving to the next level in the challenge?

There is no scoring for the first level. However, you need to score at least 50% of the maximum score alloted to the second and third levels. Your score shall be updated within 10 days of submission of all activities of the respective level.

9What do I get at the end of the challenge?

Apart from the satisfaction of having made a huge impact in reducing single-use plastic consumption, you will receive a certificate from the United Nations Environment Programme, recognizing your participation and on completion of all 3 Levels you will get the Tide Turners badge.