1Who can register for this challenge?

The challenge is open to individuals (11-35 years old) as well eco clubs and youth groups. You can register as an individual or as an eco-club to participate in the challenge.

2Till when is the registration open?

Registration is open until May 2021.

3Who is organizing this challenge?

UN environment Programme’s Tide Turners Plastic Challenge is being implemented by WWF India and Centre for Environment Education in India.

4Where is the challenge organized?

Challenge is open to youth from Pan-India 

5Does each person need to register individually?

Yes, if you are not associated with any eco club, you need to register for the challenge as an individual youth.

6What is the minimum score required for moving to the next level in the challenge?

There is no scoring for the first level. However, you need to score at least 50% of the maximum score alloted to the second and third levels.

7What do I get at the end of the challenge?

Apart from the satisfaction of having made a huge impact in reducing single-use plastic consumption, you will receive a badge on completion of each level and you will get a certificate from the United Nations Environment Programme on completion of the entire challenge.